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Toli Valapu

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Toli Valapu

Movie title : Toli Valapu
Release Date : August 3, 2001
Cast: Gopichand (as Prem), Sneha (as Soumya), L B Sriram, Chandra Mohan (as Soumya's Father), L B Sriram (as Prem's Father), M S Narayana as LIC agent, P Ravi Shankar as Kailash
Music : Vandemataram Srinivas
Dance : Raju Sundaram
Lyrics: Veturi, Chandrabose, Sri Harsha
Audio : Mayuri Audio
Direction : Mutyala Subayya
Producer : M Nageswara Rao
Banner : T Krishna Memorial Films

Plot / Movie Story / Movie Review

Prem (Gopichand) lives with his friends in the city. His dream is to own a bike, and with some help from his rural agriculturist father (L.B. Sriram), he does get it. However, on the first night itself it gets punctured, and because there is no mechanic around so late, Prem decides to park it in a nearby house for the night. The door is opened by a very pretty girl Soumya (Sneha), and the smitten and dumbstruck Prem manages to explain his predicament and leaves the bike and keys. The next morning when he goes to pick up the bike, he doesn't find it, and the girl and her father (Chandramohan) completely deny any knowledge. Our man understandably gets riled and creates a ruckus, but to no avail. The story progresses and a thief is caught who admits to having burgled the house in question that night. But the father continues to stoutly deny any such happening. This obviously creates some confusion, and then the burglar reveals that he also raped the daughter. There has to be a villain somewhere - enter wicked son-in-law Kailash (P. Ravi Shankar), who is the husband of the elder daughter.

Toli Valapu Songs

  • me tumse.. pyaarkaroonga priya..
  • Toli valapulo.. enno madhruanubutuluntaaye..
  • Paalato.. kadigina pavurama... teneto.. tudichina
  • Vandanam.. vandanam...
  • First Rank Manadhey Ra


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