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Movie title : Thupaki
Release Date : November 13, 2012
Cast: Vijay (as Jagadish. military officer / secret Defense Intelligence Agent), Kajal Agarwal (as Nisha), Jayaram, Vidyut Jamwal (as terrorist), Sathyan, Akshara Gowda, Anupam Kumar, Manobala, Prashant Nair, Deepthi Nambiar
Music : Harris Jayaraj
Dance : Sanotsh Sivan
Editor : A Sreekar Prasad

Screenplay :A R Murugudoss
Direction : A R Murugudoss
Producer : S Thanu, Shoba Rani
Banner : SVR Media

Plot / Movie Story / Movie Review

With the border calm and safe, a battalion of military officers of the Indian Army manages to get some time off duty and gets leave for a month. They come to the city of Mumbai on a vacation. Jagadish (Vijay), a Captain with the Army, is one amongst them. Jagadish is also a secret Defense Intelligence Agent. The acts of Jagadish cause irritation to his friend and Sub Inspector Sathyan.

In one of their bus rides, he unearths more than just frisking passengers for a lost valet. Within minutes the bus is blown into pieces and Jagadish helps cops to catch the bomber who conveniently manages to escape from the hospital (and the police custody). Jagadish uses his intelligence and wit to get him nabbed within minutes, interrogates him and in the process, he comes to know of a bigger sleeper cell terrorists plan. He realizes that it is better he handle the operation all by himself without the involvement of the incompetent police. He understands that bombs are planted at 12 more places and Jagadish now faces the top baddie and stop him.

Jagadish meets his family in Mumbai who hurriedly gets him engaged / married to a village girl Nisha (Kajal Agarwal). The couple gets some happy time but this was interrupted by his senior military officer Jayaram.

The movie ends with Jagadish saving the Mumbai city from the bomb blasts.

Movie Facts

  • The movie is dubbed from Tamil film Thuppakki.
  • Vijay will sing a song in the movie, he has sung over 20 songs in movies already. Though he tried to enter tollywood industry, his dubbing movies failed to impress the telugu audience

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