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The Business Man

Movie title : The Business Man
Release Date : January 11, 2012
Cast: Mahesh Babu (as male lead, Surya Bhai), Kajal Agarwal (as female lead, as Chitra), Prakash Raj (as Delhi Minister), Raza Murad, Sayaji Shinde (as Mumbai Mayor), Dharmavarapu Subramanyam (as PA to Mumbai Mayor), Shweta Bhardwaj, Brahmaji (as friend of Surya), Jahangir Khan, Bharath Reddy, Ganesh Babu, Subbaraju (as goon who comes from Delhi to kill Surya), Rajeev Mehta, Sanjay Swaroop, Master Akash
CBFC Movie Rating : A
Music : SS Thaman
Editor : S R Shekhar

Art : Art Assistant: MB Raju
Photography : Shyam K Naidu
Stills : Maganti Sai
Costumes : Raju
Fights : Ram-Laxman
Direction : Puri Jagannath
Producer : Dr Venkat; Co-Producer: Suresh Reddy; Production Controller: Veeru (Mumbai)
Banner : RR Movie Makers

Plot / Movie Story / Movie Review

Yet another action packed movie, the movie begins with the honest Mumbai police commissioner Ajay Bharadwaj (played by Nasser) announcing at a press meet that the Mumbai Police is proud to have eliminated mafia in the city during 2011 and that they have Mumbai city a Bhai-free city. Bhai is a fond word for Don / Mafia leader. He announces that Encounter Squads of the Police Department are discharged and that the city be in peace.

Businessman is story of Surya (played by Mahesh) who comes to Mumbai from Hyderabad. He is picked up by his friend (played by Brahmaji) at the Railway Station. Surya is given a brief introduction about the city life. Surya enquires about Brahmaji's job and upon being told that he works for Rs. 12k as a supervisor, Surya offers him his assistant position for Rs. 25k. Surya has a different objective from that of everyone else who comes to the Business capital of India in search of a living. Surya wants to do the business of crime by creating a mafia and rule the roost across the city.

Surya uses a policeman to extract money from a rich lad, gives him Rs 5k and the remaining 25k as advance to Brahmaji. Surya then says that his next traget is the daughter of the police commissioner who will be his queen.

Surya makes Chitra (played by Kajal), a painter and the daughter of the Police Commissioner daughter to fall in love with him.

He begins his move for the Dharawi slum where houses of the people are seized by Bank of Maharashtra for not being repayed. Surya talks to the people and tells him that he will take 10 days time to solve their problems. He gets local goons, pays them handsomely and uses them to loot the Bank for the home documents of the people. The money in the bank is untouched but the computers are destroyed. With this, he wins the heart of the locale.

Chitra loves Surya, but like Illeana in Pokiri, she is afraid of his activities. She sees him in action in few instances and almost throughout the movie, she is a yes-no girl to his love. She is supported, or rather influenced by his 'flutist' mate, Ayisha, who often takes a different stand than that of what Chitra has taken in regard to the love.

Surya uses the power of a local politician Laloo (played by Sayaji) for his growth. He begins by helping him get Munshi killed inside the jail. He takes Rs. 5 lakhs to feed the goons and kill Minshi during a Kabaddi match. With this, Surya wins the friendship of Laloo. He later uses Laloos money and intelligence and make him the Mumbai Mayor ousting the existing Mumbai Major who already won twice and is trying for a hat-trick. Surya establishes a business on the name of Surya Imports and Exports and uses it to extorting money and indulges in land settlements, etc. This eventually allows him to fund and build a vast network of gang.

Surya uses his brains and brawn and eventually shakes the pillars of the Delhi-centric central minister G Jaidev (played by Prakash Raj). He uses his power, befriends Jayadev's rival and promise to make him the 14th prime minister of India. He arranges Rs. 35,000 crores for the purpose of fighting the elections and even helicopters are used for the distribution of money. Chitra loses her father. Jaidev loses in the election. and kidnaps Chitra. Finally, Surya kills Jaidev and rescues Chitra. The hero takes a shot at himself at the end (to convince Chitra?), gets admitted and the newly elected Prime Minister himself comes to Mumbai hospital to see Surya.

The movie gave a new approach to the concept of mafia. It, in a way, says that the underworld is not a crime and it needs to be turned into an industry and every member of it needs to be paid a salary. This way crime will not be seen on the street roads on a daily basis. Instead, the money in the bank lockers of the rich and political class will flow to the poor and needy.

Movie Facts

  • Filming of the movie was actually scheduled to begin from May 2011 but was later postponed for September 2011.
  • By December 2011, the film unit returned to Hyderabad after shooting in Krabi and Pataya, Bangkok. The unit aimed at completing the filming by December 2011.
  • The film came up in three languages - Telugu, Tamil and Malayalam. The Bollywood version (Hindi) is expected to be shot soon after the Telugu version release with Abhishek Bachchan as the male lead.
  • Mahesh Babu is reported to have sung in the theme song in the movie. If this is to be true, this is the first time that Mahesh Babu has sung in any movie so far.
  • The movie will be distributed in the overseas market by Hari Venkateswara Pictures.
  • The tailor of the movie is screened in all shows at the time of release of Pawan Kalyan's Panjaa.
  • Audio release function was held in December 2011. The movie has set a new record for having released the movie audio in Telugu, Tamil and Malyalam languages at the same time and on the same stage. Suma and Puri Jagannadh anchored the audio release program.
  • Unlike in his previous movies where he used to sport a handkerchief around his neck, Mahesh Babu appears in a black tuxedo and a black tie in the movie.
  • Shooting of the film was completed in 73 days.
  • Few scenes of the movie are shot at Kachiguda Railway Station.
  • The movie marketing team is considering newer overseas markets including Japan, France and South Africa apart from the US, UK, Singapore and Dubai.
  • Collection of the movie dropped from Rs. 9.03 crores on first day of release to Rs. 3.97 crores on the second day. It appeared that the collections overtaking those of Dookudu have gone remote.
  • Speaking at the success meet of the movie, Direction Puri Jagannath said that the sequel to this movie will be Businessman 2.
  • Reports in March 2012 confirmed that Puri and Ram Gopal Varma (RGV) have indeed joined hands for the remake of the movie in Hindi. The Bollywood version of the movie will feature Abhishek Bacchan in the lead role. This info was confirmed by RGV on his tweet.

The Business Man Songs

  • Aamchi Mumbai
    Artists: Ranjith, Rahul Nambiar, Naveen, Aalap Raju
    Lyrics: Bhaskarabhatla Ravikumar
  • Sir Osthara Osthara Ostharaa.. Rostha rostha rosthare
    Artists: Suchitra, Thaman. S
    Lyrics: Bhaskarabhatla Ravikumar
  • Pilla Chao
    Featuring: Mahesh Babu, Kajal and group
    Artists: Rahul Nambiar
    Lyrics: Bhaskarabhatla Ravikumar
    Shot at / Location: Foreign tourist locations
  • Chandamama Navve
    Artists: Haricharan
    Lyrics: Bhaskarabhatla Ravikumar
  • Bad Boyz
    Artists: Priya Himesh, Geetha Madhuri
    Lyrics: Bhaskarabhatla Ravikumar
  • Businessman (Theme)
    Artists: Mahesh Babu, Puri Jagannadh
    Lyrics: Bhaskarabhatla Ravikumar

The Business Man Film Dialogues & Quotes

  • Yuddham Chethakaanivade Dharmam Gurinchi Maatlaadathaadu
    English Translation: Those who cant wage a war only speaks about Dharma (rules).
  • Nenu kodithe ela untado aallu eellu cheppatame kani naaku telidu
    English Translation: I've heard but i too do not know how it will be when i hit
  • Chitra's friend to Chitra: Rendu kotlka car isthe evarthaina I Love You cheputudi. Naaku two wheeler icchenaa chepestanu.
    English Translation: Chitra's friend to Chitra: Any girl will say I Love You when you gift a Rs. 2 crores car. I will tell it even if i am gifted a two wheeler.
  • Kajal to Lord Krishna: Devuda veediki brain koncham ekkuvaipoyindi. koncham cut chesi control lo pettu swamy. ee pichodaypoyinda paravaledu.. elagola penchukuntanu. please. ee okka help cheyyi swami. alaage nee arogyam kooda jaagrattaga choosuko.
  • Evadi Cinema vaadide.. Aadi cinemake aade hero
  • Mahesh Babu to Kajal (at the time of gifitng a car): Eekukkakaina oka roju vuntundi. Eeroju naa roju
    English Translation: Mahesh Babu to Kajal (at the time of gifitng a car): Every dog will have a day. Today is mine.

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