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Movie title : Takkari
Release Date : November 23, 2007
Cast: Nitin (as Tirupati), Sada (as Priya), Chandra Mohan, Sayaji Shinde (as Guru), Ali, Raghubabu, Sudha, Geeta Singh, Sana, Uttej
Music : Chakri
Camera : RSV Santosh
Audio : Wel Record; Released in November 2007
Presenter : Master Prauchuri Kiriti
Direction : Amma Rajasekhar
Producer : Prauchuri Sivaramprasad
Banner : United Movies

Plot / Movie Story / Movie Review

Tirupati is an unemployed youngster. None of his closed circles helps him financially. One day he meets Priya, a college student. They both fall in love. Priya's brother Guru comes to know that the two are in love. However, he rejects the marriage quoting the middle class family of Tirupati. He strikes a deal in Tirupati. The story is about what the deal is about and how Tirupati marries Priya.

Movie Facts

  • The movie is released with 135 prints. The movie has completed 50 days milestone
  • Nitin made an action sequeunce for about 1:20 min in a single take. The movie is second with Nithin-Sada combination after Jayam
  • Two songs are picturised in Bangkok
  • Part of the movie is shot at Palaverkadu, a location 80 kms from Chennai
  • Movie is actually scheduled for release by Diwali time by got delayed and has hit during November

Takkari Songs

  • Ammi Ammi.. Artists: Chakri, Sai Shivaani; Lyricist: Kandikonda
  • Kobbari Kobbari.. Artists: Chakri, Kousalya; Lyricist: Kandikonda
  • Yele Yele.. Artists: Juben Gaarg, Chakri, Revathi; Lyricist: Kandikonda
  • Naacho Naacho.. Artists: Ravi Varma; Lyricist: Kandikonda
  • Aaa Aaa Aaa.. Artists: Naveen, Kousalya; Lyricist: Kandikonda


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