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Movie title : Sivamani
Release Date : 2003
Cast: Akkineni Nagarjuna (as Sivamani, Police Officer), Asin (Vasantha), Rakshita (as Journalist for Andhra Jyoti), Prakash Raj (Duttu, Villan in Poorna Market), Ali (as Pick pocketer, assistant for Sivamani), Bramhaji (as Assistant for Duttu), Sangeeta, Vinod Bala (as Assistant for Duttu), Sri Chaitanya, Mohan Raj, Benarjee (as Police officer), AVS (as Editor for Andhra Jyoti)
Music : Chakri
Camera : Shyam K Naidu
Dialouges : Kona

Screenplay :Puri Jagannadh
Presenter : Bhagawan, DVV Danayya
Producer : Puri Jagannadh

Plot / Movie Story / Movie Review

Sivamani is a strict police officer and drives away Duttu from Visakhapatnam. Unknowingly Sivamani falls in love with Vasantha. Dutt takes away Vasantha to Kerala, her home town where her father is killed. Sivamani leaves his job and goes from one place to another in search of Vasantha.

Duttu cuts the throat of Vasantha making him to lose her sweet voice. She escapes from the clutches of Duttu and lands in Visakhapatnam as a caretaker in a Marwari family. Sivamani comes to know of Vasantha, comes to Visakhapatnam and saves her from the clutches of Duttu. Duttu is brutally killed by the crowd at the end of the movie.

Sivamani Songs

  • Rama Rama
    Artists: Kousalya
    Approximate Song Duration: 01:27:00 minutes
  • Yenaatiki
    Artists: Raghu Kunche, Kousalya
    Approximate Song Duration: 05:13:00 minutes
  • Mona Mona
    Artists: Hariharan, Kousalya
    Approximate Song Duration: 05:39:00 minutes
  • Sun Sun
    Artists: Shankar Mahadevan, Kousalya
    Approximate Song Duration: 04:42:00 minutes
  • Goldurangu
    Artists: Ravivarma, Revathi
    Approximate Song Duration: 04:55:00 minutes
  • Yelo Yelo
    Artists: Smitha
    Approximate Song Duration: 04:39:00 minutes


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