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Movie title : Shock
Release Date : February 9, 2006
Cast: Ravi Teja (as Sekhar), Jyothika (as Madhurima), Tabu (as Geetha), Nagababu (as CBI Officer), Subbaraju (as Nagesh), Ravi Kale (as Divakar), Kota Srinivasa Rao (as Dharma Reddy), Bramhanandam, Raghubabu, Jeeva, Raja Ravindra, Ravi Prakash, Chandana, Giridhar, Hema, Vizag Prasad, Nutan Prasad, Ram Jagan
Music : Ajay, Atul, Amar Mohale
Editor : Bhanodaya
Dialouges : Kona Venkat

Screenplay :Harish Shankar
Fights : Ram Lakshman
Direction : Harish Shankar
Producer : Ram Gopal Varma
Executive Producer : Suman Varma

Banner : RGV Factory and Entertainment One

Plot / Movie Story / Movie Review

Sekhar (Ravi Teja) and Madhurima (Jyothika) are happily married couple who work for an advertising company. Nagesh (Subbaraju) and Divakar (Ravi Kale) are notorious encounter specialists. Due to some miscalculation, these encounter specialists shoot Sekhar on his shoulder thinking that he is a Maoist. Then they realize their mistake and frame him as Maoist by planting proofs. Lawyer Dharma Reddy (Kota) cheats on his client Sekhar and makes sure that he gets 8-year imprisonment. Madhurima meets Geeta (Tabu) - an investigative journalist from TV Media. As Madhurima and Geeta put some efforts to get clues, the encounter specialists threaten them. The rest of the story is all about how Sekhar takes his revenge.

Movie Facts

  • Sherevir, the villan in the movie is a fitness trainer in Hyderabad
  • Amar Mohale scored the background music.
  • Three relatively new music directors will compose two tunes for the movie Shock

Shock Songs

  • Nee Venta Nenu
    Artists: SPB Charan, Kousalya
    Lyrics: Chandrabose
    Approximate Song Duration: 04:40:00 minutes
  • Madhuram Madhuram
    Artists: S. Balasubramaniam, Chitra
    Lyrics: Veturi
    Approximate Song Duration: 04:42:00 minutes
  • Premantene
    Artists: Shweta Pandit
    Lyrics: Kona Venkat
    Approximate Song Duration: 04:27:00 minutes
  • Cycle Ekki
    Artists: Chakri, Shweta Pandit
    Lyrics: Kandikonda
    Approximate Song Duration: 04:54:00 minutes
  • Kummese Dammunte
    Artists: Ajay, Kousalya
    Lyrics: Potula Ravikiran
    Approximate Song Duration: 05:26:00 minutes


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