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Second Hand

Second Hand

Movie title : Second Hand
Rating: 2.5
Release Date : December 13, 2013
Cast: Sudheer Varma, Dhanya Balakrishnan, Kireeti, Vishnu, Anoojram
Music : Ravi Chandra
Direction : Kishore Tirumala
Producer : BVS Ravi, Poorna Naidu

Plot / Movie Story / Movie Review

Santosh (Sudheer) wants to kill himself after failing with his girlfriend Deepu (Dhanya). He comes across Subbarao (Kireeti) who gets married to a girl (Dhanya in his dual role) but finds out that she is actually in love with another person. The duo comes across another girl Sahasra (Dhanya in his third role) and she has her confusion unable to decide between two guys.

Second Hand Songs

  • Breaking News
    Artists: Revanth, Aditya.B, Sweekar Agasti
    Lyrics: Sahithya Sagar
  • Jo Tera Hi
    Artists: Sweekar Agasti, Jyothsna K, Dhanya Balakrishnan
    Lyrics: K K
  • Love Raa
    Artists: Kishore Tirumala, Ravi Chandra, Avaneendra
    Lyrics: Kishore Tirumala
  • Subbarao
    Artists: Avaneendra, Aditya B
    Lyrics: Kishore Tirumala
  • Love Raa (Bar Mix)
    Artists: Ravi Chandra, Sweekar Agasti (Bar Mix)


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