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Movie title : Romance
Rating: 1.5
Release Date : August 3, 2013
Cast: Prince (as Krisha, male lead, a youngster who dates girls but is indecisive), Dimple Chopade (as Anuradha), Manasa (as Lalitha), Sai, Venu, Vajpayee
Music : Sai Karthik
Photography : J Prabhakar Reddy
Direction : Swamy
Producer : SKN & G Srinivasa Rao
Banner : Good Cinema Group, Maruthi Films

Plot / Movie Story / Movie Review

The movie starts with the narration of the love story of Krishna (Prince) to a rowdy. Krishna wants to fall in love with a girl who is a virgin and not had any boyfriends before.

He comes across Lalitha (Manasa) and gets into an affair with her. He with just one night with her, he discovers her true nature and breaks up with her.

He then meets Anuradha (Dimple) and she seems to fit his criteria. But no sooner that Anuradha discovers about Krishna's affair with Lalitha and she breaks up.


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