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Premikula Roju

Premikula Roju

Movie title : Premikula Roju
Cast: Kunal (as Student), Sonali Bindre (as Student, daughter of Naazar), Naazar (as Principal of Collage in which Kunal is studying)
Music : AR Rehman
Singers : Devan, Yugendran, Febi, SP. Balasubramaniam, Swarnalatha, Srinivas, Sreekumar, Unnikrishnan

Plot / Movie Story / Movie Review

Kunal is born to a poor family and feels he is deprived of education in prestigious B-schools. Naazar who sees the merit of Kunal gives him a seat in the college and moves close to him.

Kunal meets a friend (Sonali Bindre) over the internet who later turns out to be from Mumbai. Kunal and Sonali silently falls in love but find it difficult to express to each other. Kunal later gets to know that she is the only daughter of Naazar. Naazar discovers that the two are in love and agrees for the marriage.

The moral of the story is that love doesnt consider the status of its partners.

Premikula Roju Songs

  • O..Mariya.. O.. Mariya..
    Artists: Devan, Yugendran, Febi
    Shot at / Location: Outdoor (Raasi appears in a guest appearance in this song)
  • Premaani.. Parikshanaraasi.. Vechivunna.. Vidhya
    Artists: SP Balasubramaniam, Swarnalatha
  • Gandiya..aataluaada..sadarda paatalupaada..
    Artists: Unni Menon, Sreekumar
  • Roja.. roja.. Rojapuvva..
    Artists: Unnikrishnan
    Shot at / Location: Multiple foreign locations.. Maple leaves park
  • Vaalukanuladaana..Vaalukanuladaana..neeviluvuchepp
    Artists: Unni Menon
  • Manasu Padi
    Artists: Manasu Padi


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