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Movie title : Panjaa
Release Date : December 9, 2011
Cast: Pawan Kalyan (as Jaidev, henchman), Sarah Jane Dias (as Sandhya ), Adivi Sesh (Munna, as son of Bhagawan, brother of Pawan Kalyan), Anjali Lavania (as Jahnavi, childhood friend of Jaidev), Ziah Khan, Jackie Shroff (as Bhagawan, a don), Atul Kulkarni (as rival of Bhagawan), Tanikella Bharani, Ali (as a close friend of Jaidev), Brahmanandam (as a policeman), Atul Kulkarni, Sampath (as Sampath), Subbaraju, Paruchuri (as a close friend of Jaidev)
CBFC Movie Rating : A
Music : Yuvan Shankar Raja
Editor : A Sreekar Prasad
Dialouges : Abburi Ravi
Photography : P S Vinod
Direction : Manchu Vishnuvardhan
Producer : Shobu Yarlagadda, Neelima Tirumalasetti, Nagesh Muntha
Banner : Sangamithra Arts and Arka Media Works

Plot / Movie Story / Movie Review

Bhagawan (played by Jackie Shroff) is a don based out of Kolkata. He is protected by Jaidev (played by Pawan Kalyan). In the flash back, young Jai comes to Kolkata with his mother and sister soon after the death of his father. His sister and mother are raped and killed. Bhagawan gives a gun to Jai and makes him kill the offenders. Since then Jai is raised by Bhagawan and works as his shadow. Besides being a henchman to Bhagawan, Jai also runs a nursery garden. Chotu (played by Ali) works as his assistant and maintains the nursery.

Jai gives a paper ad calling for a person who can maintain the nursery and give a renewed look to it. Sandhya (played by Sara Jane Dias) applies for the position, gets the job and brings about the change that Jai is looking for. When asked for how much money she needs to be paid, she rejects saying she loves the work and has done it. Green activist Sandhya is seen agitating outside a corporate office where Jai arrives to mediate (aka settle) in regard to a dispute. Jai looks at Sandhya and uses his influence to solve the problem. Few more scenes and Jai falls into silent love with Sandhya.

Earlier, at the beginning of the movie, Bhagawan's psychopathic son Munna (played by Adivi Sesh) returns back to India after about 8 years and becomes the target of the rival of Bhagawan (played by Atul Kulkarani) when he goes to the airport to pick his son. Jai being the shadow of Bhagawan plans in such a way that the bomb is blasted after Bhagawan's car moves out of range. Bhagawan nor his son are unaware of the bomb blast. Munna, being psychopathic, tease and belittles some senior people working with Bhagawan for years. He belittles Paruchuri Venkateswara Rao who gets offended when being stopped from taking huge money without informing his father. Paruchuri moves out of Bhagawan's circle and joins rival Atul.

Jai gets to know that Paruchuri has joined the rival and enters into the area of Atul in order to get to know the reason for the decision. Jai earlier kidnaps Sampath's (played by Sampath) son who was celebrating his birthday and puts him under the custody of Gurudev (played by Tanikella Bharani) at the club maintained by Jai's friend Jahnavi (played by Anjali Lavania). Jai tells Atul that Sampath's son is in his safe custody and asks for an opportunity to speak with Parachuri. He speaks with Parachuri who explains the circumstances in which he has to leave Bhagawan. Even after a long time has passed, the person sent to pick up Sampath's son doesn't return creating panic. Atul gets to know that Sampath's son was killed by Munna after confrontation about Jahnavi. Incidentally, Jahnavi is a childhood friend of Jaidev. Munna understands that Jahnavi lives in the flat of Jai and that she is obsessed with Jai and hence is avoiding him. He goes there and kills her brutally. Jai, after a stiff fight in the area of Atul manages to come out, speaks to Gurudev and goes directly to his flat only to find that Munna is giving her the final beating in the process of killing her. She dies by the time Jai arrives. Emotional Jai and Munna fights and the former kills the later throwing him from the window. Gurudev who just arrives on the spot informs Bhagawan about the development who is now after Jai. Gurudev makes a deal with Atul. Jai has to run away abandoning his nursery. He relieves Chotu of his job and asking him to flee but he gets killed after few days by Bhagawan who is on a manhunt for Jai.

Jai goes to the hilly village where Sandhya is living. He stays in the house along with Sandhya's brother (played by Subbaraju), his cousin (played by Jhansi) and his mother. Jai unintentionally shows his fighting skills and helps Sandhya come out of his difficulties. Sandhya files a case against a local forest wood thief and gets an arrest warrant against him. The thief who comes out makes many attempts to kill the family of Sandhya. Jai gets to know this and silently kills the thief. He names the innocent SI Brahmanandam as the one who killed the thief and the whole village treats the SI has strong-handed. After few days Subbaraju gets to know of Jai's abilities and helps him in an attack from Sampath who arrives at the village after a tip-off from Gurudev. Jai and Sandhya gets close to each other during their stay in the hilly village. One fine day, Sandhya gets kidnapped and angry Jai kills Atul after returning back to Kolkata in a bid to rescue Sandhya. He also gets to know of the deal made by Gurudev and kills him.

Jai's last and final enemy is Bhagawan and hence he arrives at the palace. The two exchange heated words but Bhagawan is not happy and shoots at Sandhya. Jai shoots and kills Bhagawan instantly. Jai rescues Sandhya who is shot at her upper shoulder and the movie comes to an end.


Pawan Kalyan appears in good tuxedoes and with black spectacles and black beard, he looks very cute and fit to the role of a henchman. Jackie Shroff acted well but his role could have been made more concentrated. Sarah Jane Dias appears innocent and like a character artist than as a heroine. Anjali Lavania appears as a club dancer and performed well for her role in the movie. Her club song is the masala song in the movie. Subbaraju performed well for his role while Jhansi's role got too diluted. Tanikella Bharani, Paruchuri Venakteswara Rao and Atul Kulkarni performed well for their role. The comedy from Brahmanandam makes everyone laugh but the dosage isn't good enough.


The movie is like old wine in a new bottle gathering paragraphs from many of Pawan's own previous movies. However the visual effects and the background score blurs the normal viewer.

Movie Facts

  • The First schedule for filming the movie was planned in Kolkata from March 2011. By June 2011, the first schedule of the film was completed in Kolkata and the next schedule was planned at Hyderabad
  • Few scenes are the movie are shot at Pollachi in Tamil Nadu.
  • The movie release date was shifted from October to December 2011.
  • Audio of the movie is scheduled for release on October 10, 2011.
  • The dubbed version of the movie will be released in Tamil
  • 'The Shadow' and 'Panjaa' are two of the many movie titles that are considered for the movie during the film shooting time.
  • The tailor of Mahesh Babu's movie The Businessman is screened in all shows at the time of release of Panjaa.

Panjaa Songs

  • Panjaa
    Artists: Yuvan Shankar Raja
    Lyrics: Ramajogaiah Sastry
  • Ela Ela
    Artists: Haricharan, Shweta Pandit
    Lyrics: Chandrabose
  • Veyira Cheyyi Veyira
    Artists: Saloni
    Lyrics: Ramajogaiah Sastry
  • Kshanam Kshanam
    Artists: Shweta Pandit
    Lyrics: Chandrabose
  • Anukoneledhugaa Kalakaanekaadhugaa
    Artists: Belly Raj, Priya Himesh
    Lyrics: Chandrabose
  • Paparayudu
    Artists: Pawan Kalyan, Brahmanandam, Hemachandra, Sathyan
    Lyrics: Ramajogaiah Sastry


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