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Movie title : Oosaravelli
Release Date : October 6, 2011
Cast: Junior NTR (as Tony, petty goon), Tamanna (as Niharika, as fashion designer, lady love of Tony), Prakash Raj (as Bhai), Tanikella Barani (as Minister), Advik Mahajan, Ali, Jayaprakash Reddy (as Sarkar), MS Narayana (as owner of Niharikas house), Shaam, Payal Ghosh (as Niharika's friend), Shayaji Shinde (as father of Tony), Jayaprakash Reddy (as Sarkar / Don)
Music : Devi Sri Prasad
Editor : Kotagiri Venkateswarao / Goutham Raju

Lyrics: Chandrabose,Ananth Sriram,Ramjogaia Sastry
Art : Ravindar
Photography : Rasool Ellora
Audio : Aditya Music
Fights : Ram Lakshman
Direction : Surendar Reddy
Co-Director: Satyam Babu, Suresh Kota
Producer : B V S N Prasad

Plot / Movie Story / Movie Review

A small-scale Mumbai-based goon Tony (played by Junior NTR) who does anything for the sake of money comes to Hyderabad in search of Niharika (played by Tamannah). Earlier the duo are kidnapped by terrorists and Niharika is being saved by her fiance, the son of a minister whom she will be marrying in a fortnight. During the kidnap, the Tony and Niharika are tied to a single pole by the terrorists and at that time Niharika kisses Tony so as to fulfil his last wish.

A background reveals that Niharika is actually a helpless girl orphaned after the murder of her family. The family was actually killed by Bhai (played by Prakash Raj) because her brother is actually an undercover cop working under Bhai. Niharika was shot in her brain at the time of the shooting and loses her memory. She was saved just in time by her medical student friend. She recovers and pledges to take revange on those who killed her family. She gets impressed by the way Tony works and offers Rs. 1 crore to eliminate everyone behind the murder of her family. When Tony rejects the deal, she gets ready even to sleep with him but to take up the work. Tony understands her and agrees to end Bhai.

Niharika relocated to Hyderabad and Tony follows her. She falls in love and proposes her and after the usual no-yes'es scenes, she falls in love with him.

Tony joins the gang of Sarkar (played by Jayaprakash Reddy) and thereby meets a bigger mafia (played by Prakash Raj). Having joined the gang, he kills everyone who comes between him and Niharika. It becomes known that a flashback is actually the reason for his killings.

Tony gets inspiration from his father (played by Shayaji Shinde). His father, at the time of his death, tells Tony to do at least one good deed that leaves a good remark in his whole life. Tony, upon hearing the story of Niharika agrees to the offer from her and assures that he will eliminate the people behind the brutal murder of her family members.

The rest of the movie is all about how Tony enters into small Hyderabad gang and helps it grow and thereby gets contacts with Bhai. Bhai is killed at the end and Tony and Niharika leads a happy life.

Movie Facts

  • Devi Sri Prasad is experimenting a song with music mixed with classical, western and remix bits. This song will be done, according to sources, with 3 choreographers.
  • In mid-August 2011, the film unit was in Switzerland after completing their shooting in Bangkok, Thailand. The crew will return back to Mumbai where few more scenes will be captured.
  • As of end of September 2011, DTS mixing is going on. The producer is making arrangements for a world-wide launch of the movie on October 6.
  • The movie grossed Rs. 56.46 cr. in first 7 days of release.

Oosaravelli Songs

  • Brathakaali
    Artists: Devi Sri Prasad
  • Nenante Naaku
    Artists: Adnan Sami
  • Yelango Yelango
    Artists: Jaspreet Jasz, Chinmayee
  • Love Ante Caring
    Artists: Francisco Castelleno
  • Sri Anjaneyam
    Artists: MLR. Karthikeyan
  • Niharika
    Artists: Vijay Prakash, Neha Bhasin
  • Dhandiya
    Artists: Mukesh, Suchitra
  • Oosaravelli
    Artists: Ujjayinee Roy

Oosaravelli Film Dialogues & Quotes

  • Father to Son: Ee intlo ayina okkade vedava vuntadu. Mana intlo iddaramvunnam
    English Translation: Father to Son: Any house will have two waste fellows. Our house has two of us.

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