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Movie title : Nijam
Release Date : May 23, 2003
Cast: Mahesh Babu (as Sitaram), Rakshita (as Meera), Tuluri Rameswari (as Sitaram's mother), Ranganath (as Venkateswarlu, Sitaram's father), Prakash Raj, Gopichand (as Devudu / Devadaya Sharma), Raasi, Manichandana, Suman Shetty, Kondavalasa Lakshman Rao, Shakila, Tirupati Prakash, Master Jaya Krishna, Brahmaji, Jaya Prakash Reddy, Lakshmikanth, Rallapalli
Music : RP Patnaik
Singers : Kulasekhar
Camera : Sameer Reddy
Dialouges : Teja
Screenplay :Teja
Art : Totha Tarun
Photography : Sameer Reddy
Fights : Horseman Babu
Direction : Teja
Producer : Teja
Banner : Chitam Movies

Plot / Movie Story / Movie Review

Reddy (Jayaprakash Reddy) is a powerful mafia leader whose right hand is Devudu aka Devadaya Sharma (Gopichand). Devudu has a lover called Malli (Raasi). Reddy - who also like Malli - takes her to the bed, which is not liked by Devudu. In the process, Devudu kills Reddy and he becomes the leader of the mafia gang. Venkateswarlu (Ranganath) is a fire officer. In an incident, Devudu sets the market place afire and Venkateswarlu rescues it with his fire fighting and at the same time Venkateswarlu slaps Devudu, as he continues throwing kerosene at the market place. Devudu holds grudge against Venkateswarlu and sends him to jail on a framed charge of murder.

Seetaram (Mahesh Babu) who is the son of Venkateswarlu tries to rescue his father from the jaws of police. But in the process, everybody starts asking him for money to do the work. At the end of the day, the police officer kills Venkateswarlu. The rest of the story is about how Seetaram's mother (Talluri Rajeswari) takes revenge on the people responsible for the death of her husband with the help of her son Seetaram. The criminals involved in the crime of his father's death are killed one after the other by the mother and the son in a planned and scientific manner.

This film tells about an innocent boy, who along with his mother undergoes injustice and also loses his father in this process. The mother in this situation plays the role of a trainer and a guide to her son, making him strong physically and emotionally, to fight back.

Movie Facts

  • There is not much role on Rakshita in this movie. Raasi took more weight
  • This is a story about how an average Indian faces sees bribery. Poor Mahesh could not save his father in this movie.
  • This is a movie developing sentiment between Son-and-Mom in the second half of the movie

Nijam Songs

  • Abhimanyudu
  • Chandamama
  • Chara
  • Chi Chi
  • Dhandakam
  • Elage
  • Kakulu
  • Music Bit
  • Rangu Rangula
  • Neelo
  • Rathalu


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