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Movie title : Nayak
Rating: 3.5
Release Date : January 9, 2013
Cast: Ram Charan Tej (in dual role; Charan, Software Engineer; Siddharth Naayak, leader in Kolkata), Kajal Agarwal (as Madhu), Amala Paul (as Nandini), Dev Gill (as local don), Brahmanandam (as Jilebi, uncle of Charan), Jaya Prakash Reddy, M S Narayana, Ashish Vidyarthi (as CBI Officer), Rahul Dev (as don Gandipet Babji), Raghu Babu, Pradeep Rawat (as Rawat, Minister in Kolkata), Sathyam Rajesh, Sudha, Charmee (in an Item Song), Surekha Vani, Venu Madhav (as Venu, local Power star), Raghu Karumanchi, Duvvasi Mohan, Rajiv Kanakala
CBFC Movie Rating : A
Music : S S Thaman
Editor : Gowtam Raju
Dialouges : Akula Siva

Audio : Aditya Music
Presenter : S Radhakrishna
Direction : V V Vinayak
Producer : D V V Danayya
Banner : Universal Media

Plot / Movie Story / Movie Review

Charan (Ram Charan) is a young Software Engineer in Hyderabad working for CgTrix. He lives with his bachelor uncle Jilebi (Brahmanandam). In one incident, Jilebi gets into a small trouble with a big local don Gandipet Babji (Rahul Dev). Cherry attempts to resolve it and in the process meets and falls into love with Madhu (Kajal), the sister of Gandipet Babji. As usual, the don wants to get rid of Cherry but he along with his gang are shocked when they witness something. They find that Charan killed a DGP in broad day light in a strict security area.

A CBI team is formed to look into the matter of a series of murders that happen. CBI Officer (Ashish Vidyarthi) who takes up the investigation gets critical leads about the case but get into another twist. The CBI takes the help of its drunkard Inspector (MS Narayana) who is an expert in decoding voice from video footage. They believes that it was someone from the Gandipet Babji gang who killed the DGP and the minister's brother. Babji and team are called for questioning and they get to know that it was Cherry who did the killing of the DGP.

The CBI team raids the house of Cheery only to know that he left for Kumbh mela. The CBI officer takes Julebi to Kumbh mela and upon reaching there, he finds that that a look alike of Cherry is attempting to kill the Minister. It was at this time that even Cherry came to know that there was a look alike called Siddharth Naayak aka Siddhu (also by Ram Charan), an inspiring young leader from Kolkata.

Nayak was arrested by the CBI and is lodged in a jail. Naayak's background is that he came to his sister's place in Kolkata and falls in love with sister-in-law Nandini (Amala Paul). One day Naayak and Nandini goes to a movie and she is teased by some on at the theater. Naayak smashes them but back home, her sister dosen't like this. She says they have to be careful as it is not their home town. Naayak fights against an evil Minister Rawat (Pradeep Rawat) after he loses his brother-in-law. Rawat begins to lose his men and becomes desperate to know who is killing his men and is attempting on his life. Naayak kills few leading dons and wins the hearts of lakhs of people in Kolkata and becomes a leader.

After Nayak is taken into custody, Charan comes to Nayak and gives an idea. On the day that the court is about to give the verdict of death sentence to Nayak, Charan enters into the court premises and says it is he who is the real Nayak. This creates a confusion and the court leave the CBI and family members to decide who the real Nayak is.

Unhappy and impatient Rawat attempts to kill both and is killed in the process. The movie ends with the CBI having nothing to do but to end its investigation and close the file.

Movie Facts

  • Some scenes in the movie are shot in Iceland and then in Slovenia.
  • Charmee did an item song in the film which was confirmed by herself in twitter.
  • It was believed that Shruti Haasan would do an item song in the film, but were later denied by the actress herself.
  • The movie is made with a budget of Rs. 35 crores and had a run time of 160 minutes.
  • This is the first time in the career of Ram Charan that he is doing a movie in a dual role.
  • The movie was launched on November 9, 2011 early morning at Annapurna Studios.
  • The remixed version of the song Subhalekha Raasukunna from Kondaveeti Donga was shot in iceland.
  • This is the first movie in the combination of V V Vinayak and Ram Charan
  • Tag lines in Nayak commercial: History creates leaders but a real leader will rewrite history

Nayak Songs

  • Laila O Lailaa
    Artists: Shankar Mahadevan, Ranjith, Rahul, Navin
  • Kathilanti Pilla
    Artists: Thaman, Shefali Alvaris
  • Subhalekha Rasukunna Remix
    Artists: Hari Charan, Shreya Ghoshal
  • Oka Choopuke Padipoya
    Artists: Vijay Prakash, Bindhu Mahima
  • Nellore
    Artists: Jaspreet Jasz, Suchitra
  • Hey Naayak
    Artists: Navin Madhav, Shreya Ghoshal

Nayak Film Dialogues & Quotes

  • Vadu Ey State Lo Vunna.. Ey Street lo Vunna Pattukunta
    English Translation: I will catch him, if he is in this state, or in some other state
  • Prabhutvam Kosam Prajalu Vundakudadu... Prajala Kosam Prabhutvam Vundali.
    English Translation: People should not be there for the Government, the Government has to be there for the sake of people
  • Area Ni Batti Maradaniki Idi Climate Kadu.. Courage.
    English Translation: This isn't climate to change depending on area. This is Courage.
  • Padhi rojula tharuvatha courti judgu vastharu, janalu vastharu, neenu vasthanu.. kaani nuvvu matram raavu
    English Translation: After ten days, the Judge will come to the court. So does the crows and myself. But, you will not come.
  • Na Joliki Vasthe Kshamistha.. Na valla Joliki Vasthe Narikestha.
    English Translation: I will excuse if you come to me. But i will kill you if you come to my people.
  • Kajal to Brahmanandam: Neeku ego ekkuva, naaku bhayam ekkuva, vaadiki pogaruekkuva
    English Translation: Kajal to Brahmanandam: You have ego, i have fear, he has arrogance

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