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Movie title : Julayi
Rating: 3.0
Release Date : August 9, 2012
Cast: Allu Arjun (as Ravi), Ileana (as Madhu), Rajendra Prasad (as ACP Sitaram Rao), Sonu Sood (as Bittu), Brahmanandam (as a thief getting rehabilitation at a policeman's house), M S Narayana, Rao Ramesh (as Police Commissioner Manikyam), Brahmaji, Kota Srinivasa Rao, Hema, Dharmavarapu Subrahmanyam, Tanikella Bharani (as Ravi's father), Shafi (as Bittu's brother), Raghu Babu, Ravi Prakash, Shravan, Pragati, Kalpika, Udaya Bhanu (in an item song), Posani Krishna Murali
Music : Devi Sri Prasad
Editor : Praveen Pudi

Screenplay :Trivikram Srinivas
Photography : Chota K Naidu, Shyam K Naidu
Fights : Peter Hein
Presenter : DVV Danayya
Direction : Trivikram Srinivas
Producer : S Radha Krishna, DVV Danayya
Banner : Harika and Hasini Creations

Plot / Movie Story / Movie Review

The movie is about youngster who begins to work in a bit to earn quick and easy money but later gets to know that hard earned money is long lasting.

Ravindra Narayan aka Ravi (played by Allu Arjun) lives in a typical Vizag middleclass family. He is a practical guy with commonsense but is aimless. He takes money from his father Narayana Murthy (played by Tanikella Bharani) and wants to use it to generate quick and easy money. However, he doesn't want to use illegal means to do so. Earlier to this, the father-son duo has an argument and the father challenges the son saying there is nothing like quick money. The father, Narayana Murthy, is a hard worker and strongly believes that there is nothing like easy money and he wants his son to realize this. The journey of Ravi makes him understand that quick and easy money is not as easy and simple as it sounds.

During his money making journey, Ravi goes to a pub for gambling. He overhears the conversation of Bittu (played by Sonu Sood), a popular bank robber. Ravi gets information that Bittu and his gang are actually plan to rob a co-operative bank for Rs. 1500 crores in the guise of an IPL cricket match betting. He alerts Police commissioner Manikyam (played by Rao Ramesh) who arrests Bittu. Bittu's brother Lala (played by Shafi) gets killed in the operation. Furious Bittu wants to take revenge on Ravi.

Ravi is relocated to Hyderabad by the police as a part of the witness protection program. Commissioner Manikyam does this relocation secretly in a bid to protect his witness. Ravi is kept in the protection of ACP Sitaram Rao (played by Rajendra Prasad) at which place he meets Madhu (played by Illeana). Sitaram is faint hearted and has never shot a bullet in his career. Ravi and Madhu falls in love. The story takes an interesting turn when Bittu escapes from prison and wants to take revenge on Ravi and wants his money back. Ravi realizes that the police are so incapable having Bittu escaped from their custody twice.

Movie Facts

  • Audio of the movie was released in mid-June 2012. The function was attended Pawan, Dasari, Allu Aravind, Rajamouli, Srinu Vytla, Harish Shankar, Tamanna, Suresh Kondeti, Naga Babu, Rama Jogayya Sastry, Chota K Naidu, Bandla Ganesh, Trivikram Srinivas and others. The first CD was released by Pawan, who given it over to Dasari.
  • This is the first movie by Trivikram not featuring his best friend and comedian Sunil.
  • There are few sciences that are inspired from English movies. Some scenes at the beginning are inspired from The Dark Knight while the 'money transfer in a container' are like those from typical English money robbery films.

Julayi Songs

  • Julayi
    Artists: Suchitra Suresan, Priya Himesh
  • O Madhu
    Artists: Adnan Sami
  • Osey Osey
    Artists: Jessi Gift
  • Chakkani Bike Undi
    Artists: Tippu, Megha
  • Mee Intiki Mundhu
    Artists: Sagar, Ranaina Reddy
  • Pakado Pakado
    Artists: Malgadi Subha, Devi Sri Prasad

Julayi Film Dialogues & Quotes

  • Class room lo evadaina answer chepthadu. Kani exam lo correct gaa rasinivade topper avuthadu
    English Translation: Any one can answer in a classroom but only the one who answers in the exam correct will be the topper.
  • Ishtam ga korukunedi adrushtam, balam ga korukunede bhavishyattu
    English Translation: We liking wish for luck but we desperately need future.
  • Logic lu evaru nammaru. Andariki magic le kaavaali. Anduke mana desam lo scientist la kannaa baabaa le famous!
    English Translation: No one believes in logic. That is why we have more babas that scientists.
  • Okappudu nuvvu bagundalani korukune vaadini. Ippudu nuvvu vunte chaalu anipistundi
    English Translation: At one time, i wished you to be a well settled guy. But now, i wish you at least be (stay) with me.
  • Aasa unte cancer ayina nayam cheyochu, bhayamlo unte ulcer tho kuda povochu
    English Translation: We can even cure cancer if we aspire but we can even die with ulcer if we are with fear.


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