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Gang Leader

Gang Leader

Movie title : Gang Leader
Release Date : May 9, 1991
Cast: Chiranjeevi (as Rajaram, Gang Leader), Vijaya Santhi (as Kanyakumari), Rao Gopal Rao (as Ekambaram, Politician), Kaikala Satyanarayana (as Jailer), Murali Mohan (as Raghupati, elder brother to Rajaram), Allu Ramalingayya, Nirmala (as Grandmother of Rajaram), Sarat Kumar (as Raghava), Sumalatha (as Raghava's Wife), Sudha (as wife of Raghupati), Sharat Saxena (as Ekambaram's Brother)
Direction : Vijay Bapineedu
Producer : Maganti Ravindranath Choudary
Banner : Shyam Prasad Arts

Plot / Movie Story / Movie Review

Rajaram (played by Chiranjeevi) and few of his friends are educated but employed youth. One of their friends gets arrested by the police in a murder case. A journalist who has proof that the murder was committed by Ekambaram (played by Rao Gopala Rao) and his brother comes to the police station. Rajaram also comes to the scene and gets his friend out. However, the journalist, and later the friend are murdered.

In between the scenes, Rajaram goes to jail in order to rescue the daughter of a jailer (played by Kaikala Satyanarayana). The jail gives money to Rajaram that helps his younger brother to go to Delhi and pass the IAS Examinations. There by, Rajaram reduces the burden of the middle-class Raghupati (played by Murali Mohan).

Raghupati's gang (of friends), on one occasion, gets a lady Kanyakumari (played by Vijayasanthi) out of a house for not paying any rent. She straight away lands in the house of Raghupati and his grandmother (played by Nirmalamma) supports her. The two gets close with each other.

After Raghupati is released from jail, he comes to know that his fiend was murdered by Ekambaram and his brother and hence Raghupati is after him. Raghupati's innocent brother, who is posted in the same district as its District Collector, because of his wife, keeps Raghupati out of home. In later scenes, it becomes known that Kanyakumari is actually the daughter of Ekambaram who cheated her mother and hence is behind him.

The story ends with Raghupati ending Ekambaram and his brother, Raghupati and his brothers getting united and Kanyakumari winning her lover Raghupati.

Gang Leader Songs

  • Papa - Rita by Balu
  • Paala Bugga by Balu, Chitra
  • Badarchalam by Balu, Chitra
  • Vana Vana by Balu, Chitra
  • Vayasu Vayasu by Balu, Chitra
  • Panisasasa by Balu, Chitra


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