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Movie title : Ganapathi
Release Date : 2000
Cast: Srihari, Ashwani, Rami Reddy
Music : Vandemataram Srinivas
Camera : Vijay Kumar
Dialouges : Posani Krishna Murali

Screenplay :Posani Krishna Murali
Direction : Hari Babu
Producer : Kasumelli Srinivasa Rao & Potluri Satyanarayana

Plot / Movie Story / Movie Review

Police officer Mahalaxmi (played by Manya) joins her duty with a dream of becoming a police officer like that of Kiran Bedi. Her first assignment is to take over the dead body of Ganapathi (played by Srihari) who is getting hanged that day. She visits the jail and meets Swamy (played by Nagendra Babu) is a kind jailor. Ganapathi asks for the dress of Raymonds as his last wish.

Just before Swamy gets to be hanged, a message arrives that his father is dead and his village people are requesting for the release of Ganapathi so as to perform the last rites of his father. Swamy takes him to the cremation despite being against to the police rules. Ganapathi performs the last rites and also kills a girl. Ganapathi kills another person. The new jailor (played by Ponnabalam) tortures Ganapathi to tell the reasons. However, Ganapathi remains tightlipped. Seeing this, Swamy and Mahalaxmi curse Ganapathi as their jobs are at stake. Ganapathi finally reveals his story.

Ganapathi is a honest Mandal Revenue Officer (MRO) who goes by rules. A middle-class man, he lives with his wife, kid, a sister and a father. He loves his sister a lot. He encounters Vishvam brothers (played by Rami Reddy and four others) in a land scam and makes them penniless. Ganapathi loses all his property in a court case. They tries to kill him but Ganapathi beats them and challenges to take revenge against them.

Wife of Rami Reddy commits suicide as she feels that her husband is not reacting to Ganapthi making them penniless. The wives of other brothers leave them and inform that they will come only after they get their property back. Ganapathi's sister gets engaged. On the day of the marriage, Vishvam brothers make a scene and kills Ganapahi's wife and rapes his sister. They stay in Ganapathi's house and rapes his sister every day until there house gets completed. All during this time, Ganapathi was tied to a tree.

The first thing Ganapathi does after getting free is to kill the cops who helped Vishwam brothers. Ganapathi gets caught and gets sentenced in the court. He killed his sister as she became mad and all the people are using her.

Listening the story, Swamy and Mahalaxmi gets convinced and helps Ganapathi to escape from the jail. The rest of the story is about how Ganapathi makes out of jail and kills all the brothers.


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