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Movie title : Don
Release Date : December 20, 2007
Cast: Akkineni Nagarjuna (as Suri), Anushka Shetty (as Priya), Kelly George (Debut), Raghava Lawrence (as Raghava, Brother of Suri), Lochan, Supreet, Chalapathi Rao, Jeeva, Chethan Hansraj (Debut), Nikitha (as Nandini), Sanjay Raichura
CBFC Movie Rating : A
Music : Raghava Lawrence
Dance : Raghava Lawrence
Dialouges : Raghava Lawrence / Abburi Ravi
Screenplay :Raghava Lawrence
Photography : S Gopala Reddy
Audio : Aditya Music; Release on December 5, 2007
Choreographer : Raghava Lawrence
Direction : Raghava Lawrence
Producer : ML Kumar Choudary
Banner : Sri Keerthi Creations

Plot / Movie Story / Movie Review

Suri (played by Nagarjuna) is a Hyderabadi Don. His adopted brother Raghava (played by Lawrance) is daring and will do anything for his brother. Raghava loves Nandini (played by Nikitha). Meanwhile, Suri gets close to Priya (played by Anushka). As the story wraps out, another Don from Mumbai, Kelly Dorjee, lands in the city with a woe to eliminate Suri. A series of fights stars between the new don and Suri.

The movie begins with young orphan Suri becoming a leader to resist selling drugs. The next scene introduces the character of Lawrence fighting against few bad college students who are seen consuming drugs. The Don Suri (played by Nagarjuna) is seen in the next scene where he fights a rowdy - a supporter to a Bihari gang who occupies apartments in the city. Suri, in his trademark black color suite, enters the scenes, fights with the gang leader with extreme ease and brings relief to the people. Tomorrow is Suri's birthday and brother Lawrence appears with clothes. A small comedy is seen in the scene. The next scene features the local slum people inviting Suri for his birthday celebrations in their slum. A mass song "Su su Suriyanna.." is next. Kota Srinivasa Rao appears at the end of the song. That night, Lawrence attempts to suggest Suri to get marry, for which he describes the characters he is expecting from the lady who should become his wife. The next scene, Suri is seen to rescue an old lady hit in an accident. Anushka appears in the scene to help the old lady.

Nassar, a strict policeman, holds an urgent meeting where he informs his police colleagues about a national-level mafia leader Stephen (actually Panda). Nassar says Stephen has his eye on Andhra Pradesh. He explains the cruelty of Stephen explaining how he killed the Goa mafia leader. Anushka (Priya) is introduced having come to town after completing her education.

Priya comes to Suri to inform him that she got a job in Citibank on her own talent. Suri dreams of "Intha Andaganga Unnave" song.

Stephen comes to Suri's home asking him to join hands with him. Each of them recites the history of the other.

"Neekai neenu.. naakai nuvvu.. vuntee chalukadaa" - green mountain top farms with Nagarjuna in Light Blue/White dress and Anushka in Lt Green/Black/Dark Orange Saree. Nagarjuna and Anuskha are seen hugging at the end of the song. Raghava also confirms about his selection.

Film Awards

S Gopal Reddy - Best Cinematographer Award - Nominated for 7Up CineMaa Awads 2008

Ashok - Best Art Director - Nominated for 7Up CineMaa Awads 2008

Movie Facts

  • The movie is remade into Hindi as Don No. 1
  • Despite the movie being a hit, the movie hasn't made profit.

Don Songs

  • Su Su Suriyana.. Artists: Shankar Mahadevan; Lyricist: Chinni Charan
  • Intha Andanga Unnave
    Featuring: Nagarjuna and Anushka
    Artists: Harish Raghavendra
    Lyrics: Chinni Charan
    Shot at / Location: outdoor in the greens
  • Mudde Pettu.. Artists: Harish Raghavendra, Saindhavi; Lyricist: Chinni Charan
  • Yedho Undile.. Artists: Suchitra, Vishwa; Lyricist: Vishwa
  • Neekai Nenu.. Artists: Hariharan, Rita; Lyricist: Chandu, Madhu
  • Dada Puttistha
    Featuring: Nagarjuna and Raghava Lawrence (Semi-Mass songs)
    Artists: Shankar Mahadevan
    Lyrics: Chinni Charan
    Shot at / Location: At a party club

Don Film Dialogues & Quotes

  • Telugudodu koochunte teleekundane lechav kada - Adhi telugodi debba - Akkineni Nageswara Rao to a Bihari Villan
  • Telugudodu koochunte teleekundane lechav kada - Adhi telugodi debba - Akkineni Nageswara Rao to a Bihari Villan


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