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Movie title : Charulatha
Release Date : September 14, 2012
Cast: Priyamani (as female lead - Charu and Latha), Skandha (as male lead), Seetha, Saranya Ponvanna (as Mother), Sai Sasi
Music : Sundar C Babu
Dance : MV Panneer Selvam
Editor : Donmax
Dialouges : Mythili Kiran
Photography : Paneerselvam
Direction : Ponnu Kumaran
Producer : Global One Studios
Banner : Geetha Arts (Telugu release) / Sax Pictures

Plot / Movie Story / Movie Review

Inspired from the 2007 Thai horror movie Alone starring pop singer Marsha Wattanapanich, the movie is about the love affair of a conjoined twins, Charu (without glasses) and Latha (Priyamani), who are connected by the stomach.

The movie actually begins with Charu living with her fiance Ravi (Skanda) and Charu had to rush to Vizag to see her mother (Saranya) who falls sick mysteriously and is hospitalized. A flash back tells that Charu and Latha are rejected by their music teacher when they attempts to join for violin training. The master says they cannot play tough tunes as it may get them injured. The duo however proves him wrong, plays the tunes very well and joins his classes. In the process, the two sees and falls in love with their classmate Ravi (Skanda) but his love is only on Charu. He makes attempt to separate them and Charu dies mysteriosly. It gets revealed that Latha is the one who actually killed Charu and stepped into her shoes to win her lover.

Latha impersonates Charu and makes preparations to get married to Skanda and is interrupted by the spirit, that of Charu. Charu attempts to kill Latha by hanging her to the fan and later at the bath. Ravi finally gets to know the truth and gives a peaceful ending to the movie.

Movie Facts

  • The movie is made in Telugu, Tamil and Kannada languages.
  • The movie is adapted from a Thai film Alone
  • As of end of August 2012, post-production works of the movie are on.

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