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Killer and a Gentleman


Movie title : Athadu
Release Date : August 10, 2005
Cast: Mahesh Babu (as Nandu/Parthu), Trisha (as Puri), Prakash Raj (as CBI Officer), Sonu Sood (as Malli; friend of Nandu), Kota Srinivasa Rao (as Bachi Reddy; friend of Sayaji Shinde), Dharmavarapu Subramanyam (as son-in-law of Nassar), Giri Babu (as son-in-law of Nassar), Nassar (as D Satyanarayana Murthy of Basarlapudi, Grand father of Parthu), Brahmanandam (as Kittu, son-in-law of Nassar), Sunil (friend of Parthu), Rallapalli (as Duttu, Bank Manager at Tanuku Manjeera Bank), Tanikella Bharani (as Naidu, Village villain), Sayaji Shinde (as Opposition Party Leader), Charan Raj (Villan of rival gang; Guest role), Rahul Dev (as a Prison convict), Anant, Bramhaji (as son of Tanikella Bharani), Giridhar, Sudha, Hema, K Viswanath (as Head CBI Officer), Rajiv Kanakala (as Parthu), Sruthi, Harika, Sana, Jayaprakash Reddy, Mallikarjuna Rao (as person who wishes to buy farm land)
Music : Mani Sharma
Editor : Srikar Prasad
Dialouges : Trivikram

Screenplay :Trivikram
Lyrics: Sirivennela Seetaramasastry
Art : Thota Tharani
Choreographer : Raju Sundaram, Brinda, Vaibhavi Merchant
Fights : Peter Hynes
Stunts : Peter Hynes
Presenter : M Murali Mohan
Direction : Trivikram
Producer : D Kishore, M Rammohan
Banner : Sri Jayabheri Art Productions

Plot / Movie Story / Movie Review

An action packed movie, Athadu is about two friends and professional killers - Nandu (Mahesh Babu) and Malli (Sonu Sood) who partner up to kill a leading politician. However, it turns out that Nandu has committed the murder while Malli makes the escape plot. Earlier, Nandu strikes a deal with the Opposition party leader for Rs. 1.5 crores in which the leader wishes to escape a bid on his own life to win sympathy and votes. The attempt-to-murder of the opposition party leader turns out to be a real murder when the leader was killed even before Nandu fires the bullet. Police gets a glimpse of Nandu but he somehow escapes from them and jumps off a building onto a train.

During the train journey, Nandu meets Parthu (Rajeev Kanakala) who sits in his opposite seat. Both get close to each other. Parthu tells Nandu that he is returning to his village after 12 years. When the train stops at a railway station, the police who notices Nandu and fires at him but the bullet hits Parthu by accident. Parthu dies on the spot and Nandu escapes from the train only to land up in the village as Parthu. He is moved with the affection shown by the family members. He meets his old childhood friends (Sunil) , fights with villans (Tanikella Bharani, Brahmaji and others) and does some good to the family of the temple priest.

Brahmanandam comes to the village for summer vacation and plays lots of hilarious scenes - particularly getting hit in the stomach in a bid to show his stamina and falling from the bed after removing its bolts, both of which are done so as to hurt Parthu. Parthu baava falls in love with his maradalu Puri (Trisha). Some family drama happens in which the fighting skills of Parthu gets to be known to all the members of the family and to his friends. Meanwhile, the murder-case of the opposition party leader will be handed over to CBI who begins investigation. Prakash Raj heads the investigation team and begins to collect the facts about the incident. He tries in vain to collect finger-prints from Parthu but as he keeps getting more details, he gets convinced that it is not Partu who did the murder. By the time the family members come to know that Parthu is not their actual person, Parthu leaves the house and goes away calmly without informing just after the marriage function is over in their house. Parthu's friend (Sunil) tells the family members about the good things he has done during his stay. By the end of the scene Parthu re-appears to tell that he has not done anything wrong to the family and that he is answerable to only two members - grand father and Puri. Nassar (the Grandfather) gets convinced and sends Parthu to get himself clear from the situation surrounding him. With this Parthu leaves for town again.

Parthu does his homework, calls Bachi Reddy over telephone and gets surprised to know that Malli has struck a deal with Bachi Reddy to kill the Opposition leader for a whopping Rs. 2 crores. Nandu and Malli takes on each other in a furious and spectacular church fight that involves lots of guns. Charan Raj, another mafia, who appears in the same scene in a guest role gets killed in the same scene. At the end, Malli himself gets killed when the bullet from the same gun he uses to kill Nandu hits him. (The gun actually is brought by Nandu and has a marble stuck inside it and hence the bullet shoots in the reverse direction)

Bachi Reddy commits suicide after coming to know that the CBI knows about the plot to kill the opposition leader. The last scene of the movie is when Nandu starts back to the village as Parthu. Will he marry Puri? The audience is left to think about this.

Movie Facts

  • Special Effects: Prasad EFX, Editing: Padmalaya Studios
  • Video / VCD / DVD Release: Aditya Video
  • The movie has crossed the 175-days milestone
  • Story line is a continous and never boring at any part
  • Fights and Songs are brilliant

Athadu Songs

  • Adharaku..
    Lyrics: Vishwa
  • Avunu Nijam
    Artists: SK Sunitha
    Lyrics: Sirivennala
    Shot at / Location: Villa schene
  • Chandamama..
    Artists: Ranjith, Mahalakshmi Iyer
    Lyrics: Sirivennala
    Shot at / Location: In a film set
  • Neetho Cheppana.. Gaaram chesina.. Nayagaaram chupina
    Featuring: Mahesh Babu and Trisha
    Artists: SP Balasubramaniam, Chitra
    Lyrics: Sirivennala
    Shot at / Location: Hilly greenery location
  • Pilichina Raanantava..
    Featuring: Trisha, Mahesh Babu
    Artists: S. Karthik, Kavitha
    Lyrics: Sirivennala
    Shot at / Location: Group dance song at home

Athadu Film Dialogues & Quotes

  • Daaniki tinipinchinaa tinatam raadu
    English Translation: She doesn't know how to eat even if you feed her.
  • Papam amma naana veedu complan boy anukuntunnadu. keni vallaku teleedu chaala complicated boy
  • Neenoo vasthanu.. Neene Vasthanu..
  • Nishabdam entha bayankaramga vuntundo choosara? Andhuke meeru entha nishabdamga vunte murder antha violent ga vuntundi
  • Lancham evvandayya. Indialo daaniki dorakanidi vundadu
  • Vacchanu.. Cheppanu.. Inka mee istham
    English Translation: I came, and explained. It is now up to you.
  • Say Sorry to Puri
  • Trisha thinking about Maheshbabu: Veedu Nailon taadula kanipinche naagu paamu
    English Translation: He is a Cobra in the guise of a nylon thread.
  • Naidu: Choosara.. Adiginadaniki samaadhanam chepite telivitetalantaru cheppakapothe pogarantaru
    English Translation: Look. When replying to questions asked, they say it is intelligence. When not answered, they say it is arrogance.
  • Naidu: Meeru 1957 model car ee vadutunnaranukunnanu. Brain kooda aa model de vadutunnaru. Ila aithe kastham
    English Translation: I thought you are just using a 1957 model car. Even your brain is of the same model. It will be difficult if it is like this.


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